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How to choose sanding machines

Deciding which sander to use can be difficult; Peter Wolstencroft of Tool Hire provides tips on how to choose sanders for specific tasks. Learn exactly what sander to use for your home in this two-minute video.

Okay, this is a video on how to choose a sander. The first one here is a very light industrial sander. It’s called an orbital sander.

All it does is orbital action and goes around. This sander is mainly used if you are decorating, say if you are using poly thinner on a wall and you just want to sand the poly thinner down to smooth it out before painting, or if you want to do a very, very light sand on a piece of timber. The next sander is called a belt sander.

This is a bit more industrial. This one actually runs on belts and actually spins around instead of an orbital action. More used on timber, it can be used on metal work in some ways.

Mainly used on floors, heavy duty bits of timber and stuff like that. Stepping up from that one is a much more heavy duty sander. This one is actually used for floors only.

It is quite a heavy machine and the motor in it is quite powerful, so if you’ve got a very uneven floor or uneven big bits of areas, this one is actually used because it does take a vast amount of wood off the floor. They will work on different things. They’ve all got dust bags, they all collect the dust.

This particular one has got a disposable dust bag, and it is actually on the back. These are the free sanders I’ve shown you here, there are many more sanders on the market. So, before you use one, make sure you get some advice off your local hire shop or your DIY department store.

That’s how you choose a sander. .



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